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Need a Restaurant Consultant in Nashville?  Destination Restaurant Consulting has professional consultants living in Nashville, Tennessee, whom have been in your shoes and mastered the challenges of running a restaurant, bar or nightclub in today’s environment.  Our Nashville consultants work with our other restaurant consultants nationwide, along with our network of business partners, menu designers and website designers to provide the most comprehensive range of restaurant consulting services available in the United States all at a very affordable price.

Needing a quick turnaround? Your business doesn't have to be failing to benefit from our popular 7 Day Restaurant Rescue which includes 1 or 2 of our consultants being on-site at your property for 7 days. The 7 Day Restaurant Rescue is customizable based on your needs and typically includes a complete menu re-engineering (with unlimited revisions until you are satisfied), food cost analysis, competition menu price comparison, guerilla marketing implementation, branding, training and implementing methods to reduce yourlabor and overhead costs. For an overview click here.

Menu too big or food costs too high? Let us streamline and engineer your menu to improve service, lower food costs, and enhance profits.

Starting a new restaurant in Nashville or the surrounding area? YOU ARE CRAZY! However we can help keep your sanity with our flexible Restaurant Startup PRO Service that puts one of our consultants on-site at your location. We can help with choosing your location, lease negotiations, licensing, branding, permits, kitchen layout, menu, food cost, vendor negotiations, employees, training, and/or whatever your needs.

Want Nashville consulting services for FREE? We will analyze your credit card processing, menu, insurance policies, website, web hosting, and mobile web services for free.

How confident are we in our services for Nashville? We are the only Nashville restaurant consulting firm offering to finance our services for qualified applicants.

It is impossible for any consultant to be great at all aspects of the restaurant, bar and nightclub business. Some independent consultants in Nashville have never actually worked in the industry. Each of our consultants has managed at least 2 concepts for 5 years or more. Choosing our network of Nashville consultants with real credentials and a real company standing behind them guarantees you get the best results possible anywhere.

Call Destination Restaurant Consulting at (800) 653-8575 or email us for a FREE 30 minute consultation. One of our consultants will look over your website, menu and online comments and provide tips to immediately improve your business and help decide if our services are right for you.